4 Reasons Wood is Still Relevant in Modern Engineering

At its essence, engineering is exploiting basic mechanical principles to develop useful tools and objects. Engineering principles have been around since simple inventions such as the pulley or…

Think engineering is a man’s job Think again

Think engineering is a man’s job? Think again

Ordinarily, if you were to see a woman with a credit card in her hand peering at the sun roof of your Ford Fiesta, you might call the…

The big blast off - nuclear engine could put rockets into deep space

The big blast off: nuclear engine could put rockets into deep space

Boeing has drawn up plans for nuclear-powered engines that could be used to send astronauts into deep space.

Manufacturing growth driven by exports

Manufacturing growth driven by exports

Ireland’s manufacturing sector growth inched up from an 18-month low in September as output fell, but new orders rose slightly, a survey showed on Thursday.


Looking Good as an Engineer

That’s right, even engineers need to pay attention to how they look. From television shows and internet memes, you’d think any lady who goes into the sciences is…


Engineering Your Commercial Space For Longevity

If you’re trying to run a business that requires any type of commercial space, then you know the importance of wanting that space to be engineered for longevity….


App Development Engineers Wanted

I can’t remember when exactly, it was a few years ago, university students seemed to have become disenchanted with Engineering and there was suddenly a significant shortage. Okay,…


Not Any Old Plastic

Did you know that a that a chemical firm with a plant based in France has launched a new manufacturing unit for the production of iso-sorbide? This isn’t…


The Worrying Brain Drain in Engineering in the UK

The UK needs over one million new engineers and technicians, says Royal Academy of Engineering, they also state that women account for less than 10 per cent of…

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Clever Stuff

Engineering is not always a serious business. You can actually have a bit of fun with technical processes and create something different. In fact, if you change the…