Walker Filtration

In 2016, Walker Filtration received its 5th Queens Award for Enterprise, a remarkable achievement when you consider the number of companies that enter each year. The filtration company…


CRM Implementation In-House

Implementing a CRM into уоur environment can be a budgеt buѕtеr іf nоt dоnе correctly. It rеԛuіrеѕ thorough upfront аnаlуѕіѕ оf your nееdѕ аnd clear metrics for mеаѕurіng…


Looking For Engineering Career Opportunities? Search the Blogosphere!

One of the more interesting aspects of today’s information-flush digital online environments is that it presents new search opportunities for people looking for jobs. So even for a…

Manufacturing growth driven by exports

Manufacturing growth driven by exports

Ireland’s manufacturing sector growth inched up from an 18-month low in September as output fell, but new orders rose slightly, a survey showed on Thursday.

Think engineering is a man’s job Think again

Think engineering is a man’s job? Think again

Ordinarily, if you were to see a woman with a credit card in her hand peering at the sun roof of your Ford Fiesta, you might call the…

The big blast off - nuclear engine could put rockets into deep space

The big blast off: nuclear engine could put rockets into deep space

Boeing has drawn up plans for nuclear-powered engines that could be used to send astronauts into deep space.


4 Tips For Moving From Prototype To Pre-production

The development cycle from design to production has had some significant shortcuts with the advent of 3D printing. Plastic and metal parts for housings can be designed and…


How Civil Engineering Is Useful For Everyday Life

What Is Civil Engineering? Civil engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering. This field is focused on building, designing and maintaining buildings, roads, dams, bridges, tunnels…


Binary Options Trading

It is possible to utilize the traditional route for trading in stocks and this can provide a good rate of return.  However, binary options trading can be an…


Another First for Yorkshire Water’s Pioneering Apprentice Programme

Two of the latest apprentice scheme recruits for Yorkshire Water come in as company firsts as they’ll be receiving support through a degree course.