The world around us is growing evermore aware of just how vital it is to conserve energy and preserve the natural beauty that we have. This is no truer than in the business world, where more and more industries are placing a greater significance on the importance of remaining green.

But how can you achieve this in your own business? Today, let’s run through four ways in which you’ll be able to take a much greener approach to your working day.

Additionally, you can incorporate basic changes in your interiors during office fit out and plan to transform into a sustainable workspace. For instance, you can use green technology like sensory lighting and LEDs, utilizing natural light, energy-efficient HVAC systems, etc. You can also invest in eco-friendly furniture and reduce paper usage in the office.

  1. Reconsider office supplies

Don’t just assume the supplies you’re using are your only option. As American Express highlight, there are a number of far more environmentally friendly alternatives which will do less damage to the wider world.

Some of the best options in this regard include:

  • Refillable whiteboard markers – which prevent excess waste
  • Seven-year pens with unbelievable lifespans
  • 100% recyclable notes
  • Terrariums – which help the environment and don’t take much upkeep
  1. Make the most of grants

As point out, there are a series of grants available to businesses as an incentive for adopting a more environmentally friendly approach. These schemes focus on ensuring a company don’t lose out financially, by providing a cushion for them to fall back on if their new approach takes an early toll.

Some of the grants they mention include:

  • The energy efficient financing scheme
  • The Plug-in car grant
  • The Reenergise SmartEnergy fund

These are just some of the options provided for business owners who care for the environment. If you ever needed a fiscal incentive to turn green, these schemes are enough to turn heads.

  1. Renewable energy

This is something which you’ll find championed across all wakes of life, not just in the office. Renewable energy is becoming one of the most viable future alternatives when it comes to preserving the Earth. With fossil fuels dwindling, turning to these kinds of resources may be our only option.

There are a number of different methods of supplying power, which are far more sustainable than archaic favourites. These include:

  • Biodiesel
  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Hydropower

Offices which convert to one of these forms of power will notice an improvement when it comes to their global footprint.

  1. Recycle everything

You’d be amazed what you’re actually capable of recycling. The Guardian reports that despite up to 70% of waste qualifying for the recycling process, just 7.5% of products actually make their way to facilities every year. They go as far as to say that 80.6m tonnes will end up as non-recycled waste during that period – a figure which accounts for 24% of total UK waste.

Thinking about adopting a greener approach as a business? Be sure to keep some of these points in mind heading forward. You’d be amazed how much of a difference doing this can have.