I can’t remember when exactly, it was a few years ago, university students seemed to have become disenchanted with Engineering and there was suddenly a significant shortage. Okay, not suddenly, it just seemed that way. What happens is at some stage we have too many Engineers which results in new graduates not being able to find jobs. These unemployed professionals don’t actually go off and flip burgers, but they do move into other careers, sometimes related, other times not. Then a swag of engineers retire or move to other positions, the economy kicks in and construction and new ventures appear out of nowhere. Where are the engineers, they cry? Oops, we’ve run out.

The Engineering field is not one that usually has too many applicants. Rigorous learning and studies at university as well as the high mark to just get into the faculty means we usually have just enough, so to speak. By the way, not all engineers work on bridges and buildings and in mines. People seem to have this fixed idea about what we do and I can tell you, it’s varied and covers many different areas. Civil, Mining, Electrical and Computer engineering are just a few. Technology is speeding ahead like a bullet train so a couple of young graduates I mentored jumped into computing with App Development UK where they use their abilities to create applications that you can download onto iPads and smartphones for browsing. A very lucrative industry these days, it seems.

If you want to know what these businesses do, then check here and you can see that these people are very, very busy. That’s good, by the way. If you read some of the stats about this industry it’s not hard to understand why, either. It says that mobile users spend 86% of their time in Apps and 14% is spent browsing the web. That’s an incredible amount of time in apps, no wonder the business has exploded. Chatting with one of these young guys, he was telling me a few things about the business that had me thinking about getting involved myself.

Mobile technology has improved rapidly and industries are using enterprise solutions on mobiles to make it easier for their employees to work smarter.His position in an iOS app development service means he is kept on his toes all day to stay ahead of their opposition of which there is plenty. Many new companies are appearing and they all want part of that app pie (apple pie?), so brilliant developers, engineers, are making a killing with salary and benefits. If I went home and told my grandchild he should learn more about game apps and spend more time on his iPad, I think his parents would kill me :). But it looks like this type of engineering is here to stay and will grow exponentially.