TIG welders are the tools of choice whenever welding cosmetic applications since the machines are great for dealing with strict heat controls and thin metals. Nowadays, cosmetic application welding is a lot more sophisticated than in the past since technology evolved at a pretty fast pace. TIG welding will require working with exotic metals like tantalum or platinum. It is not that difficult to buy TIG welders here but do you really know what to choose? Let us offer the recommendations that you need to make the very best choice.

Amperage Range

TIG welder amperage range is really important. Whenever you buy a machine that has a narrow amperage range, the working capability is drastically limited on many different metals. It is a very good idea that you focus on choosing a machine with amperage between 5 and 230. This makes it so easy to weld many different materials, including stainless steel with 24 gauge.

AC and DC Welding

When you want to go beyond the classic stainless steel welding, the TIG welder will need to offer DC and AC options. As an example, AC welders are necessary when working on the metals that are softer like aluminum and magnesium. TIG welders that include DC welding will be available to work with the welders that are harder like steel, stainless steel and deoxidized copper. AC welders should allow you to control AC balance. That helps a lot more than what many believe at the moment. The very best welding equipment you could consider should include automatic and manual balance control options.

Ease Of Use

TIG welding is basically a really demanding process. You might even want to refer to a website such as the Weldinginsider site that will give you the best advice and reviews on processes such as TIG welding. This does not mean that the operations of the machine should be complicated. A really great TIG machinery should be very easy to use and quite simple to properly understand. Leading welding vendors will offer the machines that include amperage control with metal foot pedals. That is important when you work with materials like aluminum.

A Good Design

The TIG welding machine should be well-designed and offer the features that are necessary so that overall durability is as high as possible. A great TIG welder that is of a high quality should have thermostat operated fans. The fan should just work when machines are way too heated. This is a great example of something that would help you to get that long term durability you want.


On the whole, choosing a very good TIG welder is all about two things:

  • Knowing exactly what options are available on the market and what you could use in order to reach the goals you have.
  • Choosing from reputable manufacturers that are renowned for the quality offered.

Do be sure that you are extremely careful with the manufacturer of the TIG welding machine. In most cases those that have been around for a long time and that have a great market reputation are those that offer the very best tools you could use in welding. That is something that every single professional out there knows.