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What Happens When Paper is Recycled?

Everyone knows that paper can be recycled; it’s a big part of what makes Paper Bag Co such an eco-friendly company. That said, not many people know exactly…

Are you in the Mix?

Sometimes when we think about engineering, the images that come to mind are more likely to be structures like bridges, buildings, construction equipment, motor vehicles, aircraft and specialised…

Mercedes accuse boffin of ‘spying’ for rivals Ferrari

The all-conquering F1 team have filed court papers against one of the key engineers engaged in developing their world-beating engine

Engineering image

The public needs to understand the difference between a professional engineer and a mechanic or technician

Black Country boy: growing up in the workshop of the world

The West Midlands stood at the heart of a British manufacturing powerhouse. David Smith chronicles industry’s astonishing decline in his latest book

Diesel limits raised to help cars pass test

The legal limit for air pollution from diesel cars is to be doubled to allow manufacturers to comply with a much tougher test, under a deal agreed by…

VW admits it knew about cheat device early in 2014

Volkswagen said that the crisis engulfing it was down to a “couple” of software developers in Germany as it admitted that alterations to vehicles may have an impact…