Engineering is not always a serious business. You can actually have a bit of fun with technical processes and create something different. In fact, if you change the automated process in a manufacturing shop, it takes more work than the initial set-up of the existing process.

A company, not long ago, decided to make the biggest paper bag ever. Check out the infographic picture they supplied. It not only was going to make the Guinness Book of Records, but its manufacture would highlight the need for the world to move away from plastic, a product that was polluting the world’s waste dumps and oceans.

Paper bags are usually made of kraft paper and also made for a particular purpose. You employ CAD designers to make an engineering drawing of what you want. Normally, the paper bag would have some advertising print on it and be a nominal size. The one made for a show in Bristol was an enormous size and in which you could fit lots of people and items and was a lot of fun.

But believe me, making something that size was also a pretty darn good engineering feat and the manufacturer needs some well-deserved acknowledgment. Perhaps they should have worked in conjunction with a baking company to make the world’s biggest cookies. Then, they could have had an auction to sell the largest bag of cookies ever made!

World's Largest Paper Bag