By now, most companies are all out of their comfort zone. The way we live and work changed as well as there is a deep shift in our mindsets. More and more software is used to help support the change in various industries, with management software being one of the main resources that businesses can find more info about over at websites such as ProSymmetry. However, the construction industry is the least digitized industry – it is high time that we change that. Many companies are implementing construction ERP solutions that work in the cloud to solve the current challenges with an eye in the future. You know what your team needs, so what are the tips & tricks to get your team quicker on board with the software you choose? Well firstly you might want to read up on integration services or more information from TEC or the likes, and secondly carry on reading for other tips and tricks that can be used no matter what software your company eventually chooses.

Your team will use this system every day, for their daily tasks, to perform their daily duties – they need to want to use it and it needs to be clear for them how it should be used! By bringing a solution already on their lap, it might be harder to get them on and it will take longer to implement. Many times it fails for people will not want to use it. Humans are very resistant to change! By making sure your team is involved in the decision-making process of choosing the new software that they will use, from day 1, you will have them onboard the decision you make. They will even show higher engagement as they will be happy voices are heard and they will become attached to the product that helped you chose. The path for success! To make sure that this is achievable, you may want to show them specific guides on how to use software like Sharepoint designer, etc. an actual guide will walk them through it and they can refer back to it as and when it is needed so they are always on track.

Benefits must be explained

Your employees will adopt the construction ERP solutions that they can understand and that they can see working for the team. If they will be able to see the benefits properly they will proceed in helping the Implementation Team with much more heart, therefore helping your own company. Your team must understand that the solution will make their work better, faster, and more relevant. They need to be able to understand that the legacy systems must go away and you must face the future: working from the cloud, working remotely from any place and at any time. It comes as a single repository where all information can be kept and shared safely with and by them.

Support & Training readily available

Have a good look at the possible cloud-based construction project management software for how this will support your team to learn how to use it and their future daily work. Post-Implementation. At this stage, your team will need a good welcome training – to make sure everyone truly understands how to use the system. You need to do a bit of background check and see what type of training is provided: online – onsite. Is there a Knowledge Database that your team can access at any time? What are the support options after the contract is signed? Is there a Help Desk number/email/ticketing system readily available? Post-Implementation support is crucial, as everyone has their own learning cycle.

Feedback = Acknowledgment

So, you have implemented the cloud-based construction project management software. What next? Ensure regular feedback from your team. Having their feedback on the solution will help you overcome any challenges that may appear, but make sure you listen and do not judge! By hearing your team’s feedback you are acknowledging them and their input – they will feel appreciated and will probably contribute more. A little bit of feedback goes a long way!