Design preferences and styles are constantly evolving as different trends come and go in construction.

In order to solve the housing crisis affecting the UK and other parts of the world developers are coming up with new initiatives to get the most value out of the homes they build. There are still initiatives that have been used for decades within the construction industry, from using sites like to receive quotes on skips, to the use of Kingspan insulation within houses to reduce energy consumption.

Increasingly we are seeing the adoption of frameless glass windows in new builds as they let in the maximum amount of light whilst providing ample insulation. The better technology used in building houses is also reducing the environmental impact construction has.

Here are some of the key features and trends that could be part of the home that you own in the future.

Sustainable Layouts and Materials

As more policies are pushing developer towards supplying sustainable housing construction firms are striving more now than ever to deliver homes that are energy efficient.

Energy efficiency in housing can be achieved in a variety of ways. Frameless windows are highly energy efficient and provide optimal lighting in your home.

Some subtle ways that developers are providing more environmentally sustainable layouts is through the storage facilities they offer. Having an area to safely secure bikes is one way of promoting environmentally sustainable living. Many new builds in Hull and other places tend to feature frameless windows and other sustainable features such as living walls and roofs which provide insulation and oxygen.

Frameless windows on Modern Builds

Frameless windows are becoming increasingly popular amongst developers because they suit modern styles. As they let in a lot of light this can often reduce the total amount of lighting needed for commercial properties. They are also very fast to put in place which reduces the carbon footprint associated with their installation.

Use of Augmented Reality in Construction

Construction is viewed by many as a very traditional industry. In spite of this, there is still high adoption of new technologies in the industry and there are plenty of opportunities for the use of augmented reality in project planning.

Features like doorways, frameless windows, and railings can be superimposed onto real-life images that will allow site and project managers to proof any design faults before they are actually constructed.

Where can I find Sustainable Frameless Windows for my Current Home?

If you want to create a modern home with features that will become a part of modern construction trends in the future making sure you have the best materials and installers will be crucial. The experts at the Salisbury Glass Centre have a wide stock of frameless windows which will keep your house in style for years to come.