That’s right, even engineers need to pay attention to how they look. From television shows and internet memes, you’d think any lady who goes into the sciences is constantly frumpy and clueless as to how to look good. But as an engineering queen, you’ve mastered the balancing act between being a master of your subject and being a master of men, too.

To really pull off this fine art, you’ll need to pay attention to a few details, listed below.

Stay Active

It is incredibly important to stay active. You need to continue exercising if you want to look good. A lot of engineers let themselves go as they age. Sitting in the labs, away from regular human contact, it can feel as though there’s no one around to impress. We get that. But your life is more than just your laboratory. You need to stay active to stay fit. An added bonus is this will affect your mood and confidence level. The more fit you are, the more confidence you will feel- and rightly so, your body will be turning heads in every hallway.

Eat Healthy

You’ll also need to make sure you eat healthy. To maintain your fit body, you need to work on what you eat. Even though engineers are masters of logic, they seem to forget that what they put into their body is what they will eventually become. Eat enough fat and grease, and you will be comprised of a lot of fat and grease. Make sure your body is taking in fresh vegetables and fruits so that you have energy, not fat.

Shop Right

The cherry on top is to make sure you shop at just the right place to showcase your winning personality. When you shop at Dorothy Perkins, you’ll find a wide range of clothes that can fit anybody. But these clothes excel because they are high quality, classy, yet incredibly affordable. The goal here is to look good, but not over-do it. When you are at work, you need to dress professionally- but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn heads while you work.

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