Did you know that a that a chemical firm with a plant based in France has launched a new manufacturing unit for the production of iso-sorbide? This isn’t generally a topic that you will raise in a pub over a cold beer, but if you were to ask the question what is it used for, we have the answers.

Firstly, it’s non-toxic. Secondly it’s biodegradable. Once anybody sees the word plastic they think of plastic as you would find in a bottle or a container that will remain on earth as part of our ecosystem for the next 5000 years. What we’re talking about here is nothing like that. The plastic that you will find in bottles is in fact a petrochemical based product.

The use of bio – based plasticiser is in things like hospital flooring, decorative indoor surfaces, school furniture and anything else that needs a hard resin based coating that will be impervious to the elements, constant use and be perfectly safe. The manufacturer, Roquette, is the leading world producer of this starch based product. It provides a significant improvement in products when we talk about temperature resistance but still retains excellent transparency properties. So when we are talking about high gloss, crack – resistant transparent plastic which is use largely in the manufacture of carbonated beverage bottles, then the infusion of this Roquette product makes it far superior to the normal PET plastic.

It’s other application in the manufacture of epoxy resins results in far better optical properties, scratch resistance, temperature resistance, UV resistance and surface hardness. It’s not difficult to see that the enhanced polymer properties make it the number one choice with users. The application of curable resins can be found in architecture, automotive, consumer electronics, packaging coatings and inks and also improves the appearance of the product on which it is used.

Roquette is one of the five world leaders in the starch manufacturing industry. They offer a wide range of products and solutions and with the game changer of this polysorb development advance, they will remain in the forefront of this industry. The next time you look at your car check out the plastic components that require a coating that will be impervious to elements such as water and hard abrasion and that will also enhance the appearance of the vehicle itself. All the interior plastic parts, many of the under hood components and things like car wheels, door trim and headlight lenses are all subject to this specialised resin coating. It’s where you get that high-gloss mirror effect.

The next time you look at most things, like your computer, cars and many of electrical appliances, understand that the looks and durability of these items are a result of the application of a bio – based plasticiser made by Roquette.