Ever heard of a manufacturer who only works for groundbreaker technologies, groundbreaking ideas and only works for innovators, innovative designers and actually helps innovators to bring their ideas into the physical world and gives reality to their dreams? Well, lend me your ears, want to whisper, there is an existence of these types of a manufacturer called Prototype Manufacturer.

While talking about innovators, they are the pioneer of ideas and innovations of new technology that the world needs right now in the pandemic and post-pandemic world. Industrialists, manufacturers are always thinking ahead of time and inspecting challenges of the present time in supply chain and logistics and challenges of future time in designing a product and innovation technologies and launching the product into the market that makes the lives of consumers ease. From manufacturing analytics (have a peek here), 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT, there are many sophisticated technological advances that innovators in this field tend to leverage.

With that intention, they demand Innovators and designers to work on their ideas of expansion divergently through launching disparate products into the world. Forwarding their dreams, both Innovators and Designers need Prototype Manufacturer that stick to their ideas of innovating products, technologies, and its aspects so that Consumer use the product with relish.

Current Scenario For Innovations In Covid-19 Pandemic

All we are very well aware of the current situation of world economic crises. Most of the micro and small scale industries/enterprises are shutdown while medium, large scale, and even blue chips industries are heavily affected in profitability. Now the idea of expansion is compromised into existence that only and only protected and saved by Innovators, Designers, and Prototype Manufacturers. This economic crunch is the biggest challenge for Innovators and Designers and a constraint from a thinking perspective that can only be unconstrained and unchained by the idea of prototype manufacturer with the practical implementation of product by technologically and strategically.

Rudimentary Procedure for Design A Product

The rudimentary procedure for designing a product consists of step by step approach from a given specification about the functional requirements of a product to the complete description in the form of a drawing of the final product. These steps are interrelated and interdependent, each reflecting and affecting all others.

Steps are as follows:-

  • Make Survey
  • Different Specifications of Product
  • Study Alternative Mechanisms for Product and Selection
  • Prepare general layout of configuration and select join methods between individual component of product
  • Design Individual Component Design
  • Prepare Assembly and Detail Drawing and Modified drawings

Refined Procedure According TO Pandemic World

1. Digitalized Make Survey

A digitalized market survey is a necessity and new normal for innovators and marketing people.

  • Different Specifications of Product

Prepare a strategic document aimed to provide a complete list of the requirements of the product like output capacity, weight, service life, reliability, overall dimension respective of their usability, area of work, and consumablity.

  • Study Alternative Mechanisms for Product and Selection

It is a crucial step and time-consuming step in the rudimentary procedure as you laid down the foundations of the product or a platform on which basis the product function. It requires immense study, research, analytics, and time. There are many ways to do a thing despite the end you choose should be efficient and economical, so to choose the best, innovators and designers need to study alternative approaches or mechanisms of dynamic or kinetic product to perform the required set of functions. Many times a prototype manufacturer plays a vital role in this step by giving succor and strengthens the idea with his practical knowledge implementation as they are much experienced and exposed themselves to many innovations around the world. Often ameliorate mechanism if reached in good hands and reduced your slack time. This step makes a good impact on the overall time to launch the product into the market. There is a saying which I believe that if you want your product successfully launched, you should be either the first one or the unique one.

4. Prepare general layout of configuration and select join methods between individual component of product

The next step is to prepare a block diagram showing the general layout of the selected configuration. If the product having many manufacturing complexity challenges and depleting time as a resource, in that time prefer assembling of the product with individual component and specifies joining methods along with rough drawings or sketches of shapes of the individual parts prepared.

5. Design Individual Component

As prescribed after the layout, prepare for the individual component. Either design a new part or component or check for malfunction in an already assembled part or component and start analyzing forces acting and selecting material for that individual one to make it work slickly. Make it a more strength part or component as a vital one of the product.

  • Prepare Assembly and Detail Drawing and Modified Drawings after testing Prototype Model

The process of innovation involves many steps that are interconnected and dependent on each other. Therefore, this step is crucial and if it is not successfully implemented, innovators may become discouraged and unable to focus on the finer details. Repeated attempts to rectify mistakes can be time-consuming and drain energy. Prototype manufacturers can find solutions to these issues by using their extensive experience, applying high-quality design parameters and symbols (such as runout gd&t symbols), and employing advanced technologies to build a functional, operational, and reliable prototype.

Up for Production and Quickly Check

Congratulations to innovators and designers in completing the journey of their ideas achieved reality precisely into a physical product. Now time is ripe to cherish moments, ups and downs in the journey as innovators and designers, and hold that feeling that they innovate something for the people of their own by lying back in the chair. Do not forget to thank prototype manufacturers as they proved themselves as a backbone in which you layback and cherish moments by extending their helping hands for innovation, creation, and humanity.

The product is ready and up for production and quality check after various testing depending upon their functionality. Lear more low volume manufacturing processes here.

What Mistakes the Presence of a Prototype Manufacturer As a Strong foothold in Industries?

Prototype manufacturer baggage following characteristics that make their presence a strong foothold in industries:-

  • Knowledge of Design, Development and manufacturing aspects, Interpretational,
  • Multi-physics model experience,
  • Multi-disciplinary,
  • knowledge of efficient validate methods to prepare prototype,
  • Having trained operators,
  • Understandability of the complexity of assembly and detail drawings.
  • Understanding of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances makes them rich in knowledge and experiences.

For a happy ending, I will share two of my favorite quotes from Jack Ma

1. The opportunities that everyone cannot see are the real opportunities.

2. Find the right people, not the best people.

Thank you!