The biggest problem in global trade is the lack of proper supply chain solutions that could be used to track shipments efficiently. Lots of manual processes and paperwork along with customs issues simply make supply chain options the biggest headaches for a company. This is why we need to ensure we are introducing software for data management and telematics, like that from, to make the whole process so much easier and quicker. Along with the implementation of upgraded technological solutions, labelling systems too, play an important part in the entire process. Warehouse Magnetic Labels and similar tailored solutions often make life easier for workers in warehouses by making their jobs easier. This proves that in this day and age, we have the resources available to us, we just need to utilize them.

However, the clients of Bollore Logistics always get the most efficient and product supply chain solutions. We are an experienced company providing tailored solutions to take care of all your logistics needs from the manufacturer to the end customer. Our years of experience in the field of logistics makes us one of the most bankable companies in the world. We are one of the best international logistics companies to work, and you will experience the difference as soon as we take on your first assignment.

We are experts in oil & gas logistics. One of the key industries in the world today, oil & gas sector is plagued by lethargic supply chains and wasteful processes. We ensure that we synchronize the entirety of the supply chain and provide better attention to the safety of resources and the environment while tapping into all regulatory compliances. Our experience in this field has helped us understand different laws in different regions of the world, and we ensure that we do not fall short of compliance.

We also lay great emphasis on reactivity and security of the resources, while adapting to the changing dynamics in the industry. We provide customized solutions to all our clients and provide 24-hour support to help make their shipments receive their destination on time, without damages. We work with a wide network of experts based in Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas which helps us get unrestricted access to the most brilliant minds in the industry.

We have dedicated presence in all strategically important locations like Dubai, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Mombasa, Singapore, Calgary, Aberdeen and more. All of these places have secure yards and warehouses with advanced loading equipment working for us around the clock. We also maintain an army of attorneys across the globe who underpin our superior legal compliance with local, national and international laws.

Our clients come from a wide range of service providers in the oil & gas industry, including geophysics companies, exploration and production companies, drilling companies and service companies. We also serve FSO/FPSO and support vessel operators, offshore subsea contractors, and EPC providers.

We have a broad range of logistics services for the users, including international air and sea transportation facilities, barging and chartering facilities, rig moving facility, out-of-gauge transportation, heavy lift, supply vessel provisioning, turnkey project management, bunkering, crew change, and ship management along with inventory management services.

Our customized solutions for customers are facilitated via the technology that helps us stay on top of our game. We can provide you with full visibility and real-time locations of your vessels, no matter where in the world they are. Talk to our shipping experts today, and they will help you in finding affordable and reliable supply chain and logistics solutions.