In the continuing evolution of the world and its insatiable need to keep up, we find certain fields of study grow in popularity a little faster than others. Engineering is one of those fields. From civil engineers to mechanical engineers, the U.S. is growing by leaps and bound in the things like industrialization and technology. They are the lifeblood of everything with a gear in it. Our continuing advancement would not be possible without them. Below are the top three places to look for and follow a career in engineering.

Huntsville, AL

Number one on the list is Huntsville, AL. It is home to the famous Huntsville Space and Rocket Center and also houses quite an Army arsenal. Nicknamed “The Rocket City,” Huntsville is the number place to find the perfect combination of a great job, high pay, and low housing payments. The average yearly salary for an engineering living here is about $102,000. Monthly rent is only about $725 a month. Interested in playing with rockets? Huntsville is the place to be.

Warner Robins, GA

Warner Robins, GA comes in at number two on the list. It’s home to the Robins Air Force Base and the Museum of Aviation. Popular for everything from electrical engineering to aerospace engineering, Warner Robins, GA could set you up for a life of fantastic possibilities in this field. With a mean salary of over $86,000 dollars and living quarters at about $800 a month, you can make a killing doing what you love.

Palm Bay, FL

Do you have a passion for engineering by the ocean? You may want to settle down in Palm Bay, FL. Home to a global telecommunications company and a semiconductor plant, Palm Bay offers one of the largest contributions to the world of electronics through massive production of silicon computer chips. With a mean yearly salary of close to $94,000 and average housing at $876 a month, Palm Bay is definitely worth considering. Especially when you throw in how close it is to the popular beaches of Melbourne.

Warren, MI

How much fun could you have dedicating your time to the automotive industry? If so, Warren, MI is the spot for you. With its close proximity to Detroit, engineering here means making more powerful engines for the road and putting a smile on the face of car enthusiasts worldwide. With an average take home pay of $87,000 a year and only $802 a month in housing expenses, landing your dream job could be a blessing, indeed.

Since the beginning of time, engineering has been how we take each step into tomorrow. From computers and other electronics to the automotive industry, oil, and flight, engineering will always be a factor in how we live. If a career in this field is where your passion lies, choose a city that will envelop your desire to improve the world through your engineering talent.