Dmitry Mazepin’s enterprise, URALCHEM, is the 2019 winner of SAP Value Award with its project on the use of artificial intelligence in fertilizers manufacturing. The plant pioneered in putting applied science and state-of-the-art technological advancements to good use.

URALCHEM Group, the holding founded by Dmitry Mazepin in 2007, is one of the leading producers of fertilizing substances in Russia and the CIS. Whether it is the production process, managerial decisions, or environmental safety, the company has invariably managed to keep up with the demand for change and given priority to innovative solutions.

The enterprise has a number of branches throughout Russia. However, it is the KCKK Branch, located several kilometers away from a Russian town of Kirov in Privolzhsky federal district, where this award-winning project was completed. The subsidiary is a large plant with great scientific, technological and engineering potential. Its highly professional employees and high-grade product lines have helped to shape the enterprise’s immaculate reputation in and outside Russia. Over 10 types of mineral fertilizers have been developed and produced by the branch and exported to end-clients. This 2019 victory will maintain and strengthen the company’s reputation as the leading manufacturer in the field.

The project centres around the software used in designing fertilizing substances, which has been developed together by SAP, a well-known German enterprise software developing company, and BDO, a network of consulting and advisory firms. The support system for this twin’s proper functioning has also been installed. The unprecedented effectiveness of this initiative was reached due to the highly accurate twin and an exceptionally smart system involving the digital “advisor” helping operate the dry granulation drum.

The whole project resulted in better performance as well as more stable work of the machinery and equipment at the plant. Several relating technological processes can be enhanced by artificial intelligence too.

Bogdan Kotsovsky, the CEO of BDO company congratulated the winners on the success attributing these impressive results and glorious victory to three key factors: BDO’s professional approach, SAP’s innovative software products and, last but by no means least, the initiatives of URALCHEM company. Dmitry Mazepin’s holding pioneered in putting applied science and innovative technological projects to good use, they demonstrated this can be much more than simply following a popular trend and showing this efficient tool for enhancing enterprise’s performance. Both profits and the company’s competitiveness on the market have been maximized with the help of these innovative changes in the production process.

According to Dmitry Trushkov, Chief Executive Officer of KCKK Branch of URALCHEM, a wide range of digital projects are currently being implemented by the company. Their success can lead to realization of other prospective initiatives by other subsidiaries of the holding making these innovations the new 21-century reality.

The award, presented to business in the CIS since 2016, presupposed the following criteria: the expert committee evaluated how effective the applied changes appeared, how the companies’ strategic development was influenced, how business results were impacted by the SAP solutions. It is the fourth time when the Award has been held in this country. In 2019 only 42 out of a hundred applicants reached the final stage. Along with Dmitry Mazepin’s company, there participated Skolkovo Business School, SAP experts, the Publishing house “Kommersant”, “Kaspersky Lab”, NLMK and many others.