From a simple point of view, Fire Engineering revolves around engineers designing structures and systems that are dormant until a fire. These systems are designed with a high level of integrity to keep occupants in a building safe. So please read on as we dive into fire safety engineering.

As previously mentioned, this concept revolves around specially designed tech and knowledge that aids with escape in the event of an emergency, rescue services, and protection of property. Fire engineers get the opportunity to work with tons of different buildings as they develop state-of-the-art strategies. Fire Engineers even have the opportunity to visit countries all around the globe.

Fire safety engineers understand and even anticipate the reactions that can occur if disasters should happen. Hence they need to be equipped with the knowledge and experience to know and understand how both structures, people and systems respond to fires. This applies even in places where forest fires (or wildfires) occur often; it is important to understand Fire defense mechanisms for homes and other structures that are close to forests prone to wildfires. Fire safety engineering could also include an in-depth understanding of protocols for such hazardous places. To get into the field, persons need to pursue a degree in Fire Safety Engineering. At the end of the degree, persons will be qualified as a structural engineer, a civil engineer, and of course a fire safety engineer.

What Does A Fire Engineering Consultant Do?

Since the core competencies of a fire safety degree aids with understanding the design of the building, fire engineering is more of a guidance. Consultants work tirelessly to ensure that they review all of the strategies proposed during the first stages of planning. When using services of fire engineering consultants they can perform the following

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments are conducted based on the risk attached to a building. These assessments are critical since they offer building owners, tenants, and even the occupants some guidance on how to deal with the risks.

Fire risk assessments also indicate the actions that need to be carried out to counteract any issues. Hence, business owners and other responsible persons will be able to follow the rules and ensure that the risks are minimised as actions are enforced.

Fire Safety Design

Fire engineering consultants also produce designs to reduce the losses of property and life. Their plans tend to include the following:

  • Fire prevention
  • Effective communication
  • Escape tactics
  • Containment
  • Extinguish

Safe escape routes are designed to ensure that everyone present can easily reach a safe location promptly without succumbing to heat or smoke.

Fire Safety Management Audits

Just like all of the other elements that fire safety engineers carry out, they also perform these audits to protect lives, property, and the environment actively.

Victims of fire accident tend to suffer for a long time from all of the negative impacts that tend to occur. They even affect the reputation of companies, future profitability, and also the cost of insurance in the future.

When responsible business owners make use of consulting services and various types of EMS platform, which will help them to ensure added safety. They also get the benefits of managed risks.

Fire Safety Management Systems And Plans

These include some of the most detailed plans available in the industry. Consultants combine all of the relevant documents that persons will need in a sudden emergency. Fire management systems include the following:

  • Strategies to control fire and smoke
  • Evacuation plans
  • Strategies for fire protection
  • Strategies to fight fire on the property

Additionally, fire safety consultants are responsible for the following:

  • Fire Strategy Reports
  • Fire And Smoke Modelling
  • Escape Plans

The fire engineering consultant will make a series of recommendations to ensure that the structure follows the strict guidelines of the Fire Safety Regulations 2005.


As we conclude, we have just answered the question, what is fire engineering?. We have also looked at the tasks that fire safety consultants perform for landlords, business owners, tenants and the occupants of a building.

In essence, fire safety companies can easily design and plan the most correct and flawless procedures to ensure that everyone on the premises of a building is safe.

They ensure that the risks are reduced and that the building is safe. When fire management systems are put in place, those responsible can rest assured that their building will be able to save the lives of those involved.