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Cloud-based Project Management Software – How to implement it with your team

By now, most companies are all out of their comfort zone. The way we live and work changed as well as there is a deep shift in our…

Do Probe Repairs Make Sense?

Ultrasound transducers, also known as probes, are devices that yield sound waves that ricochet off body tissues plus produce echoes. The probe as well gets the echoes and…

Think engineering is a man’s job? Think again

Ordinarily, if you were to see a woman with a credit card in her hand peering at the sun roof of your Ford Fiesta, you might call the…

The big blast off: nuclear engine could put rockets into deep space

Boeing has drawn up plans for nuclear-powered engines that could be used to send astronauts into deep space.

Manufacturing growth driven by exports

Ireland’s manufacturing sector growth inched up from an 18-month low in September as output fell, but new orders rose slightly, a survey showed on Thursday.